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Mr. 500

Scott Williams, a promising jockey who recently celebrated his 500th win at Hastings Racecourse on May 11, 2024, has deep roots in horse racing that traces back through his family.


Canadian jockey Scott Williams has become notable in Thoroughbred racing, particularly at Hastings Racecourse. With over 500 wins, Williams has showcased his skill and become a part of Canadian racing history. This article explores his journey, achievements, and contributions to the sport.

Early Beginnings

Scott’s journey into horse racing began under the influence of his family’s long-standing association with the sport. His father, Danny Williams, was a notable apprentice jockey at Vancouver’s Hastings Park in 1978 before transitioning to a jockey’s agent at Woodbine, guiding top riders such as Jim McAleney.

Further enriching his heritage, Scott’s grandfather, Ronnie Williams, was also a successful jockey in Vancouver and was posthumously inducted into the B.C. Horse Racing Hall of Fame in 1989​ (Canadian Thoroughbred).

Growing up in British Columbia, Williams was drawn to horses from a young age. His passion led him to pursue a career in racing, starting as an apprentice before rising through the ranks. Scott’s career began impressively when he emerged on the racing scene in 2010.

Defining Moments

Scott Williams’s racing career hit a significant milestone when he captured his first primary race at 22. This victory showcased his burgeoning talent and set the trajectory for his professional success.

His initial seasons were marked by impressive performances, including securing 15 wins from 49 mounts at Grande Prairie and 29 wins from 96 rides at Northlands Park in Edmonton, swiftly establishing his reputation as a formidable competitor.

As his skills and experience grew, Williams expanded his horizons to Ontario, where he excelled, recording numerous victories at prestigious tracks like Woodbine and Fort Erie. By 2011, his consistent success earned him the title of Outstanding Apprentice Jockey, a recognition by Canadian Thoroughbred that highlighted his rising star status in the racing community.

A recent pinnacle of Williams’s career was his 500th win at Hastings Racecourse on May 11, 2024, aboard “Bunny” in a $20,000 Allowance race for owner Swift Thoroughbreds Inc. and trainer Dino Condilenios. This victory not only underscored his sustained excellence but also symbolized the continuation of his family’s profound legacy in horse racing.

Growing up in a family deeply embedded in the sport, Williams developed a passion and dedication from a young age. These qualities have profoundly shaped his approach and success in Thoroughbred racing.

This milestone at Hastings Racecourse is a testament to Scott’s skill and unwavering dedication. It illustrates his evolution from a promising apprentice to a seasoned and celebrated jockey. His journey inspires many within the horse racing community, highlighting how heritage and hard work shape a distinguished career in this competitive sport.


Scott Williams exemplifies the spirit of Canadian Thoroughbred racing. His career highlights the dedication and resilience required to succeed in this demanding sport. For those interested in following his journey or learning more about the vibrant world of Canadian racetracks and Jockeys, you can visit the Jockeys Canada website, which provides a wealth of information and further insights into the lives of professional thoroughbred jockeys like Williams.

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