Sue Kozak

Vancouver-born Sue Kozak has been involved with horse racing in BC since the early 80s.

She worked as a mutual clerk at Exhibition Park and Hastings Racecourse and Casino from 1985 until 2005.

She and her husband Steve have been partnership horse owners for many years and have both worked in the industry, from the farm to the front side and the backstretch.

They have recently returned to the game as micro share owners and The Hastings Racing Club members.

“We love the excitement of horse racing, and the racing club provides us with affordable ownership shares in three horses we can follow and cheer on!”

Sue’s love of photography and passion for horse racing has developed into her favorite pastime and hobby.

She enjoys sharing her racing photos on social media with the Hastings Racing Project and Hastings Racing Club – presenting her unique style of colorful images featuring local jockeys and racehorses.

Sue also enjoys traveling, shooting landscapes and wildlife, and attending live music events with her musician husband.

Currently, Sue is shooting with a Sony DSC-RX10 and creating and editing her work in Adobe Lightroom.


Sue Kozak has provided photos for the following:

  • Amadeo Perez
  • Antonio Ambrosio Reyes
  • Brian Boodramsingh
  • Christopher Roy Mamdeen
  • Jose Luis Sanchez
  • Kerron Khelawan
  • Kimal Santo
  • Kuri Powell
  • Learie C. Seecharan
  • Ridge Balgobin
  • Scott Williams
  • Silvino Morales
Sue Kozak
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Century Mile
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Assiniboia Downs